Month: October 2021

Billions for security research

Following the example of the usa, the eu wants to invest a lot of money in research and development of security technologies, above all information and communication technologies

Since 11.9. The usa will be up and coming. A lot of money is invested not only in defense technology, but also in security and surveillance technology for the newly created "homeland security"-ministry. The eu is still far behind in this kind of scientific and technological demand for domestic and foreign, but also economic policy purposes, especially since the enlarged community of states is still struggling with a common defense and foreign policy. If the eu commission has its way, this could soon change. According to its plans, the eu will invest up to two billion euros a year in security and defence research from 2007 onwards.

15 million has already been approved for the purpose of "preparatory measures" a "program to enhance security in europe through research and technology" to be developed. This is announced under the title "security research: eu acceptance to improve the protection of citizens". A total of 65 million euros is planned for the preparatory phase. On the basis of the steps and objectives proposed here, an eu security research "european security research program" to be adopted. The eu needs "the most advanced means of anticipating new security risks and countering them in a way that serves its interests and is consistent with its values".

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Signature wars

The meaning of the — sign or: what’s all the fuss about the four lines at the end of a usenet posting?

In the history of many subcultures there is the phase when discussions are conducted as if it were a matter of life and death, the objective meaning hardly being conveyed to anyone outside this group. This phase is typically preceded by loss of meaning, it comes when decay is imminent. Usenet is no exception.

When the topic comes up in usenet, the worldwide system of discussion groups on the internet, the very heavy weapons are brought to bear.

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And plutonium radiates eternally

And plutonium radiates forever

Image: voa, public domain

30 years after chernobyl, the consequences are far from over

Exactly 30 years ago, the most serious accident in the history of civil nuclear energy occurred in chernobyl, ukraine, north of kiev and not far from the border with russia. Reactor 4 of the nuclear power plant there, which had only been in operation for three years at the time, was to be shut down for its annual overhaul and got completely out of control.

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Geoengineering with unauthorized changes in the water cycle

Geoengineering with unauthorized changes in the water cycle

When the anthropogenic greenhouse effect leads to a global emphasis of 5 degrees celsius, the precipitation increased by 11 percent after the two scientists (stars and red arrow). If you have the embracing by reducing the compensation, the precipitation would be stronger back (blue arrow). Image: axel dresson and maik renner

The idea of reducing the need of solar radiation by reducing the greenhouse effect sounds impliciting, but ware for scientists of the max planck institute for biogeochemistry highly risky

Geoengineering was called the possibility of doing nothing despite climate change, because one can compensate for the outset of greenhouse gases technically. Ideas there were many that appeared attractive, from the tunes of the sea to grow algae, or the sequestration of co2 over ship fleets, who chose haze, to futuristic solar sailing and reflecting in space. With the spending of sulfur dioxide in the stratosphere, so one of the first ideas, you can reflect solar radiation and reduce the heating.

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Amazon invested from climate protection funds in vertical electric aircraft

Amazon invested from climate protection funds in vertical electric aircraft

Amazon participates in a series-a financing round for beta technologies, a us manufacturer of electrically-operated vertical carrier transport aircraft such as alia evtol (vertical take-off and landing). The contribution from amazon dates from amazon’s climate pledge fund. How high the proportion of a financing associated with other investors is high of $ 368 million, first remains unclear.

How to show from a message from beta technologies from tuesday, amazon’s climate pedge fund is now co-financier next to the feather-proof fidelity management research company, redbird capital and other "new and returned investors". Details to which it is exactly, beta technologies did not make. The investment banking and securities trading company goldman sachs will accompany the capital threat.

Money for the further development

The fresh money wants to put beta technologies into the further development of the electric drive system and their control. In addition, the development of production states and the necessary certification of the alia evtol may be funded by the us federal airfare report agodyd federal aviation administration (faa), it is called by the aircraft manufacturer.

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Bitkom: 72 percent of occupational holidays in the summer vacation

Bitkom: 72 percent of occupational holidays in the summer vacation

Complete distance from working in this year’s summer vacation succeeds almost three quarters of all professional professional in germany, as a representative survey of the federal association of information management, telecommunications and new media (bitkom) has. Accordingly, 72 percent of the professional work in their summer vacation can be reached by phone, by sms, messenger, e-mail or video chat for official purposes – because they want to find accepted expectations of others or are afraid to miss something.

Accessibility has increased slightly by two percent compared to 2020, it is called by the bitkom. Last year, around 70 percent were contacted for their employer, colleagues or customers in the summer fresh. Around 70 of the respondents said to be achievable by sms or messenger. By phone 60 percent can be contacted, by e-mail 30 percent. 21 percent are ready to drive a conversation via video chat, over collaboration platforms such as microsoft teams or slack are 15 percent.

Bitkom: 72 percent of occupational holidays in the summer vacation

Many employees are available on different communication channels in their summer vacation.

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The greats – the roughest people’s party?

Grununen - The Bwarth People's Party?

Surveys already show results in which the party "alliance 90 / the greens" okay with the cdu (without csu)

Astonished the critics of the party rub "the green" eyes. Survey results indicate for the green similar breaking moods as at the time when the "school" was driven by the media through the village. You can hardly believe that this time something else happens than a medial hype, which will soon be flatten again. In a yougov survey in the beginning of november, the greats in the sunday question with 21 percent of the union with only 25 percent decreased right.

Despite the obvious tendency of media professionals in favor of the grunes, they face their opponents in the call to be extremely russophob, like no other party in the bundestag in favor of wars "human rights" to use, and once at power, even their brand core, the environmental protection, to reveal (hambacher forst). And finally they are considered a lot, because they treat every stems in germany, the fear for his daughter, as nazi, during ukraine, while in ukraine, and obviously fascist militias, which are financed by oligarches, as a normal "defender" watch.

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Sky q kunftig with vod content of rtl

SKY Q Kunftig with VOD content of RTL

Sky and the media group rtl have agreed on cooperation, benefiting from the users of sky q. In the future you can see the on-demand content of the freetv channels from rtl for free. This content is available for up to seven days after charisma for retrieval.

In addition, the premium variant of rtls streaming platform tvnow can be booked on sky q. These include paid on-demand offers as well as the tv programs geo television, rtl crime, rtl passion and rtl living.

Formula 1 at rtl

The integration of rtl offers in sky q is implemented according to sky in the summer 2021. In return, right owner sky allows media group rtl to transfer four races of formula 1 to free tv per season. The agreement is valid for two years. First of the four races rtl becomes the rough price of imola on 18. April transfer. At sky there are all formula 1 races of the upcoming season in 4k resolution to see.

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Dialog semiconductor: once important apple supplier is sold

Dialog Semiconductor: Once important Apple supplier is sold

An electronics company, which had meanwhile made three quarters of his turnover with apple, apparently goes under the wing of a new council of council. Semiconductor dialogue, a british specialist for power management semiconductor, which also produces in germany, will become part of the japanese group renesas electronics corporation. Renesas produces chips for vehicles and is considered one of the most important providers in this division. A purchase price of 4.9 billion euros for dialog semi was agreed on monday, which was 20 percent more than the share last friday was worth.

Apple grabbed important companies

Dialogue was strong of apple for a long time. The iphone producer was coarse in the component manufacturer whose power management hardware was in the smartphones of apple among other things. In 2018, apple decided, however, to put heavily on his own technique in this area. For this you bought for $ 600 million parts of dialog semi, 300 engineers moved to apple. Two locations in germany were also taken over, as well as two more in italy and great britain. Up to 16 percent of the workforce changed.

Performance ran until 2020

As early as 2017, he had signed that apple was meant for dialogue semi less sales. Nevertheless, the business did not go bad even in the china-conditioned iphone crisis. Up to at least 2020 existing assignment should be continued, but this year is now around. Renesas offered as an ideal partner – both companies have been to cooperate with each other for a decade. Dialog semiconductor could help the japanese, among other things, to develop car computing complete systems. But the deal is still not completed, he could also be under regulatory reservation.

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Verdict: skoda has to decide supplier twb

Verdict: Skoda has to decide supplier TWB

The volkswagen brand skoda must pay back to a company of your earlier supplier prevent after the scope of a contract via car seat parts. An accurate sum is not mentioned in a corresponding judgment of the higher regional court (olg) celle, but the dechipement should refer to the value inferred deliveries from april 2019 to the end of 2025. The dispute value itself is 7 million euros, prevent sees a signal effect also for other processes.

Volkswagen had the 31. Marz 2019 with the group of companies after a delivery boycott and violent noise for conditions ended on one side, before further dishes and in other countries are still running. The decision arises from the appeal against a prior order of the district court hannover. The cartel senate of the celler olg decided now, the original kleucht volkswagen ag and skoda had to replace the prevent offshoot twb "to all damage", which "originated from or will still arise or arise" from the ration of the supply contract and refusal of its fulfillment. Skoda is supposed to provide information about which replacement suppliers have been selected since april 2019.

Volkswagen explained, you think the verdict for false. Among other things, the judges had not sufficiently considered that from the point of view of the group, a possible threat of a renewed delivery stop by prevent in the room. Further appeals were considered. A prevent spokesman replied that the supplier see himself confirmed that the skoda rates "were unfounded and unlawful".

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