Saudi arabia: dangerous death sentence

The decision of a court in riad against the shiite spiritual nimr al-nimr leads to protests not only in the saudi restlessness of qatif, but also in tehran

It is a politically underlined verdict, which has stressed, but stresses in the region raised: on wednesday, a court of the saudi arabian capital riad condemned a man named nimr al-nimr to death for incitement of a turmoil in qatif, that restless region of sunni konigreich, where many skiites live and there is always protests (the atomization of opposition).

There, the verdict already led to first protests. Also from iran’s guided are emportant reactions.

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The view to the left

An image strategy how our eyes are steered

Recently, scientists have stated by smith-kettlewell eye research institute in san francisco, kunstler in portraits for centuries and in many media a composition principle: if two eyes of the portrait have to be seen, then it is usually one on a vertical line who extends exactly through the picture center. The accuracy of this composition does not seem to be used by the artists. Christoph tyler sees "hidden principles" at the factory that dominate our perception and asthetic judgments.

Rolf liese has discovered another principle of composition, which has not yet been "discovered" became. In portraits, apart from certain exceptions, which are usually set in the picture, which their looks go to the left and they also pull the view of the viewer to the left. If they were looking to the right, so suspected rolf liese, we feel a irritation and we are pulled out of the picture. Certainly this control of our attention with the western scripture. In many cultures, of course, there were no pictures – and especially no portraits.

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Youtube blocks sputniknews

Youtube blocks sputniknews

Disinformation war or censorship?

After numerous other channels from russia, youtube has now also granted the state-run sputnik news german a strike – a preliminary stage to complete deletion. Will the fight against disinformation become an own goal of the west in the dispute over freedom of speech with russia?

Western networks in the press war

In the press war between pro-government russian media in german and the coarse german media, the mood is heated. Mutual accusations – first and foremost that of disinformation – are part of the daily vocabulary. What has been new for about a year now is that the social media themselves are actively intervening in this battle, on which it is taking place. Since, like youtube, facebook or twitter, these are privately owned us corporations, it is primarily the russian players who are affected by sanctions.

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Criminal hunt on the internet again?

No, they are the 100 most important heads on the german internet according to kressinternet

If you ever wondered what scared the romans so much at the battle of the teutoburg forest, here’s the hard-hitting evidence. It can only have been a question of the martial beauty of the male germanic leader history. There it is again, in the form of the 100 leading forces on the german internet, as described by "kressinternet", "horizon" and "net-business" were selected.

Women can be paid off on one hand and there are 2 sympathetic heise employees. The rest, however, stare into the camera with grim determination and forced smiles, their winning chins jutting out, their strategy foreheads wolving, their cheekbones that have yet to crack any hard business nut as wide as the rear tires of a jeep cherokee. This is how the elite of bertelhubsipopshopt-robert-internet poses.De-ag and declares war on the already despondent foreign countries.

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Will the police be broken??

Are the police being cut?

Homeland security spending grows with increasing alarmism, overload is homegrown by benchmarking, sprawling data collection, and excessive heavy-handedness

Unfortunately, this is not an edifying children’s story. In the course of the examples chosen here, the police will also certainly never become a butterfly, it remains a frabjous caterpillar. Let’s start with a few figures, because police unionists in particular like to use the fear construct of the recession as a way of highlighting a supposedly precarious resource situation "saving of the police". In fact, a look at homeland security spending paints a completely different picture.

Between 2005 and 2016, the countries’ spending on homeland security alone rose from 15.4 billion to 20.1 billion euros. If you add in federal spending, the increase goes from 21.694 billion to 29.920 billion. Including expenditures for the judicial execution of federal and state police tasks (prosecutors’ offices/courts/prisons), total expenditures for homeland security amounted to 46.345 billion euros in 2016. Resources that, due to the corresponding orientation of police priorities or due to circumstances dictated by criminal policy, are still readily used for petty prosecution of cannabis users or fare dodgers, even in the face of many new threats to homeland security.

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Us health reform: frying via obamacare drainage act?

US health care reform: deadline via Obamacare process law?

Photo: nobama nomas. License: cc by-sa 2.0

After the failure of the modified protrusion home design in the senate, republicans propagate a replacement worked together with the democrats

Actually, the republicans wanted to "obamacare" acquaintance affordable health care act abolish immediately after a victorious victory – now it looks like he could stay in force even more. If the senate agrees in the next few days for an expiration date design contested by majority drivers mitch mcconnell, then obamacare is probably two years old. If the design does not find a majority (which suspects the new york times), then the affordable health care act even long in the strength remain.

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Austria: building frand rights

Soon new monitoring laws in the right-to-conservative alpine republic.

Why always wander into the distance if the mischief is so close. In the neighboring country austria, militar intelligence and state police (stapo) should be given more powers. The dependent of mobile phones is also relieved of the state organs as well as the illumination of critical burger, journalists and their private environment on flux suspected. Furthermore, the employer wants to obtain information about employee for payment from the state police.

But who controls the controls, questions of the data protection council, opposition politicians and journalists. The fact that the laws should be adopted in july without exempt negotiations in expert expressions, promotes actionists on the plan. From protest, for example, the grune national council member peter pilz recently sends sms on the current band. "Psst! This sms reads the minister with. Strasser (anm. D. Red: osterreichian minister of interior) labt phones abhren. Watch out. Surveillance state. Your peter mushroom", the text is. With this sms wave, the greenme wants to draw attention to the fact that the easter-rich state can do everything else to manage uninstonished by phones. "Thus, imsi-catcher is used to be impaired on the mobile phone calls, further the mobile phone network operators are to be forced to provide uncontrolled technical access to their switch centers, which also allows the state to possibly possibly, any gsm phone call pursue", i am in a press release in this case.

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Unstoppable contrasts on the foreign exchange markets

It is no wonder that the international monetary fund and the representatives of the leading industrialized countries in washington have not found solutions to the rampant currency conflicts

But before looking at past wahrungsabkommen, let’s take a brief look at the current situation. As bundesbank president axel weber announced immediately after the informal g7 meeting on the ie of wahrungsfrage, absolutely nothing new had emerged. One had "common reference points" stipulated, for example, that a "common interest in a resilient international financial system" exist and that "exchange rates should reflect economic fundamentals". However, had "the excessive volatility and disorderly movement of exchange rates have negative implications for economic growth and financial stability". The g-7 will "monitor further developments and cooperate appropriately" – which all in all points to unbridgeable antagonisms within the g7.

In view of the clearly drawn fronts in the "wahrungskrieg" an agreement on concrete measures would have been a medium-size miracle anyway. On the one hand, there are the high-growth emerging markets and commodity exporters, above all china, which are fighting against the appreciation of their currencies and accumulating huge foreign exchange reserves in the process. On the other hand, the industrialized countries are all trying to rehabilitate their stagnating domestic economies by means of exports, and they need a weak currency to do so.

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Of the “string” dutch

Esof conference: in galloping about the obstacle course of the theoretical cosmology

He flew to munchen and lectured in the german museum in the aviation hall over black punch, strings and the end of time and space. In an interesting lecture with the sparing topic "strings, black holes and the end of space and time", prof. Robert dijkgraaf from amsterdam in the context of the euroscience open forum (esof) in 2006 and the munchner science summer, the hollander invited to a trip in or. Through the fascinating landscape of cosmology. The goal of its excursion was the string theory …

Yes, what were still for times than the philosophers living in the earlier trading metropolis of milet (today’s turkey), the first true "scientist" the history of human history, for the first time, started trying to explain the world on the basis of mythological metaphors and analogies and not to bold. Starting from the credo that nothing from the nothing can come and the world must therefore have been formed and ordered from a jurchaos sometime, they did not charge any mythologically glorified gods for their start, but developed without any empirical knowledge and without astronomical instrumentation – by the power and creativity of their thoughts alone – models and theories that agreed and specialized only to look for the basic principle of the world in a material principle.

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And another network

Epublik: net for net politics or first tuesday for spieber?

In the past it was called an association, today it is a network. And just as germans used to be fond of launching sports and rabbit-keepers’ clubs, networks have proliferated since the advent of the internet as a medium. After first tuesday, the legendary grassroots meeting that was considered a symbol of the new economy in the good old days, the more exclusive silicon city club, and the pink slip party (red card for the pink slip party), which has not been very successful in germany so far, epublik is now to become a network for net policy makers as well.

The impetus for the creation of the new platform, which was launched in berlin on monday, came from the bertelsmann stiftung, which has so far been active primarily in the area of self-regulation (who governs the internet?)?) and filter technology (filter initiative icra: we are the good guys)engaged in net politics. The second driving force is politik digital. The organizers have set themselves the goal of bringing together the numerous players in the field of the "internet-based political communication" to bring a standing table and the "informal exchange" to push forward with a glass of water.

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